Terms & Conditions

The following document must be signed upon renting a unit.

  1. TERMS: Minimum rental term is (1) one month. Rental term shall be month to month. All monthly rental fees shall be paid in advance and are DUE ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH. Payments may be paid online or be mailed to: ALL-IN-1 STORAGE, 1136 COAL HERITAGE RD, BLUEFIELD, WV 24701. All sales are final and no refunds will be issued. When vacating, all the occupants’ belongings must be removed and unit swept, broom clean. Damages to unit will be billed to card on file.
  2. LATE PAYMENT: In the event rent becomes past due by more than 5 days, occupant’s key code will be disabled, denying entrance to building. In the event rent becomes past due by more than 15 days, occupant’s key code will remain disabled, denying entrance to building and storage unit may be over locked and there will be a $15.00 delinquency fee charged. In the event the rent has not been paid within 20 days, occupant shall be notified of “Pre-Lien” by email, text, and certified mail to last known address/number. After 30 days of unpaid rent, occupant will receive a Lien” notification by email, text, and certified mail. ________ ** INITIAL TO CONFIRM THAT YOU UNDERSTAND.                                   If occupant does not respond and rent is more than 60 days late, there will either be an auction (in accordance with WV Code) to satisfy all rent due or contents will be discarded. Notice of Auction date will be published online on our website (https://www.allin1storageunits.com) and in addition to receiving a certified letter of said auction date, you may be notified via email or text. _______ ** INITIAL TO CONFIRM THAT YOU UNDERSTAND.                                                                 If the personal property stored is a motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft, items may be towed or removed from the facility if rent remains unpaid. There will be a $20 charge for each certified letter and also for all returned checks. All fees must be paid in full to enable access to re-enter premises. If paid by check, check must clear bank before occupant will be allowed to re-enter premises.
  3. ABANDONMENT: During lien collection process, owner shall make every effort to contact occupant. However, should rent remain in default by more than 60 days with no effort made by occupant to contact owner/agents (certified letter(s) returned, phone calls unanswered, etc.), and occupants whereabouts are unknown, contents shall be deemed abandoned and shall be disposed of at owners/agents discretion in accordance with WV Code 38-14-5.
  4. NO LIABILITY: Owner and all agents shall NOT be held liable for the loss or damage to stored property. Occupant agrees to hold the owner blameless for any accident or injury which may occur on premises. Occupant agrees to obtain adequate tenant protection. _____ **INITIAL TO CONFIRM THAT YOU UNDERSTAND                                                     Owner also offers a tenant protection plan to certain units which is explained in an addendum to this lease agreement.
  5. ITEMS WHICH CANNOT BE STORED: No flammable or explosive materials, no hazardous or toxic chemicals, nothing that violates any state or federal law, no drugs or contraband of any kind may be stored upon premises. Perishable items may be stored by special permission only.
  6. NO ALTERATIONS: There shall be no alterations made to unit. There shall be nothing attached to the walls, floor or ceiling and all property stored must be easily removed with no damage to unit. Occupant will be responsible for any damages made to unit.
  7. USE: The rental space is to be used for storage purposes only as approved by the owner/agent. Occupant may not engage in manufacture or sales upon premises. No auto repair or woodworking shall be allowed. No animals may be kept on premises. Occupant may not use the rental space for residential purposes.
  8. MOTOR VEHICLE STORAGE: If storing a motor vehicle, trailer, or watercraft, note that items may be moved by facility as deemed necessary.
  9. WASTE: Waste disposal is the responsibility of the occupant. Occupant shall not leave waste in any building on premises or any adjacent property. Occupant will be charged for waste left in unit or on the premises.
  10. LOCKS: Occupant is responsible for providing their own lock. If occupant is using provided tenant protection, a disc lock is required to avoid a $200 deductible.
  11. OWNER RIGHT OF ENTRY: Owner shall have the right to inspect contents of rental unit upon any reasonable suspicion of hazard or of violation of this agreement. Owner reserves the right to enter any unit to make necessary repairs. Owner reserves the right to open and inspect from outside any unit on which rent is due but not received to determine if such unit is still occupied. If so, said unit shall be closed and over-locked and contents left undisturbed and late fess applied at this time. Occupant’s failure to bring current all rent due and late fees shall result in enforcement of owner’s lien as set forth in WV Code Section 38-14-5.
  12. SUB-RENTING: Occupants shall not sub-lease. Any attempt shall terminate this agreement.
  13. CHANGE OF INFORMATION: Occupant shall give prompt notice of any change of address or phone number, in person at rental office or by updating their online portal.